Stop a Google Drive folder from Syncing to Plus

GoogleDocsHomePage[1]A while ago, Google made some changes to Google Plus and Drive which allowed users of the Plus service to see photos placed in their drives.  This is great for photographers who want to be able to use the G+ editing tools, but what about those of us who have mixed media in their drives?  One of our clients logged in to their account this morning to find over 1000 stock and otherwise useless images that are there because they are in a wordpress plugin or something else stored in Drive.  So how do you stop a Google Drive folder from syncing to Plus?  It turns out, it’s remarkably simple.  There are two options you can choose for managing your sync settings.  The first is to completely enable or disable sync.  The second is to exclude an individual folder.

Toggle the Feature

The easiest way to do this is to click the button below and toggle the box next to Show Drive photos in your photo library, which is located under the Photos section.  For those who want some extra work, simply access the G+ menu and select settings, then follow the above instructions.

Change G+ Settings

Exclude Individual Folders

By default, if you have the sync feature enabled, all folders will be listed in your Plus photos section as private albums.  As of this writing, there is no way to bulk remove folders or to change bulk settings, so if you have lots of extra albums, you have a lot of work to do.  The process itself is simple, but again, with lots of albums, it will take some time.

To exclude a folder, simply login to G+ and select the SNP_5541BEF2E67D60CE56BBFE80486536A9E3EF_2715322_en_v1Photos section.  Once inside photos, click Albums and find the folder you want to remove.  Open the folder and then click on the SNP_3118035_en_v1 drop down and then Remove Album.  The folder will remain on Google Drive, but will be removed from G+ with no further syncing.

  • You’re a god send! Drive photos in plus were driving me mental.

    • Vestra Interactive

      Thank you.

  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • Zsolt Ferenc Juhász

    Unfortunately this has changed (for me). I don’t hava a “remove” in my menu in Plus, but I hav a “move to trash” (German menu). But when I do so (as described) also my images in drive will disappear (luckily, I was able to recover those images by moving into the trash and simply revert my command.

    Is there any other way to exclude a special folder? I want to use this feature, but not to all of my images…

    • Vestra Interactive

      Hmm. Not sure why not. I do know that the big G is changing it’s drive integration around right now. Currently, here in the US, I can sync from plus to drive or the other way around.

      As soon as the dust settles, I’ll post a new article highlighting all this. Stay tuned.